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September 10, 2016 Patricia About us

Our company is based in Germany where we learnt all about travel business – from technology, supplier and agency perspective. Our years-long experience in travel industry inspired us to make our great vision come true: We want to make the beauty and diversity of Iran known to the world. We want leisure and buiness travellers to gain easy access to travel services in Iran – wherever they are originating from!

First we developed a back-end software which enables the supplier to upload his services easily without any IT-knowledge. Any travel agent can handle the software!

It is so easy that it cannot only be used to run a travel booking platform like IranHG.com, but also by a supplier or agency chain to sell their services offline and online, B2B and B2C!

Each supplier can decide with 1-click whether he wants to sell his services to consumers only or also to travel agencies.

This is only one of the unique features of our back-end. If you want to learn more about it, take a look at our company page www.negos.de or check out the software at www.travelbuzzes.com.


IranHG powered by NegoS- Patricia Hochstädter

Am Hartfeld 16
86495 Eurasburg
VAT ID:  DE300831447



Living in beautiful Bavaria, Germany, 20 years of experience in travel industry, founder of consulting and development company NegoS. I designed Travelbuzzes, my online B2B and B2C booking platform for travel service suppliers which can handle all kinds of services in multiple languages and currencies. The ideal software to sell your services online or offline within a chain or community.


  • shahryar salimi beni

    hello. hope u r doing well. actually i am running a boutique hotel in middle east, iran, historic city of Kashan. how can i send you our hotel information?

    • Patricia

      Dear Shahryar,
      I just sent you our contract. After you signed it, please send it back to me and I will set up your account so that you can upload your data. I will also send you a manual about how to get started and – if you like – we can do an online session and upload the initial data together.
      If you need any more info, just drop me an email to info@iranhg.com.
      Looking forward to our cooperation!
      Kind regards,

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